Darren's Notes
May 15th, 2024

Hardwired To Get Up Early

When I tell people I'm a morning person, they sometimes reply, "Me too; how early do you get up?" When I say 4 AM, they look at me like a freak.

It's unusual, that's for sure. This morning, I woke up at 2 AM. While everyone else is asleep, I'm clicking away on my laptop, enjoying a cup of coffee. 

The pre-dawn hours are quiet and peaceful, and I take advantage of this by journaling, reading, and working on creative projects. My mind is alert, and my mood is good. A gym nearby is open 24/7, so pre-dawn workouts are no problem, and most mornings, I go for a walk.

In a way, this has been a superpower. I accomplish more before 7 AM than the rest of the day. The downside is my energy levels tank by noon, and I go to bed around 8 PM.

I've had strange sleep patterns for as long as I can remember. All attempts to shift to a "normal" schedule have failed. My system seems hardwired to be an early riser.

At this point, I embrace the weirdness.