Darren's Notes
I’m an old-school nerd who's worked in the IT industry 30+ years. I enjoy photography, art, and design. I used Scribbles for long-form blogging.

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Blogging Struggles

I love the design process but never reach a point where I'm happy. I continually change themes, plug-ins, and services. Never satisfied, I build things up only to tear them down. The same applies to posts. It's not uncommon for me to make multiple changes shortly after publishing. Sometimes, I delete the entire post after fiddling for an hour or more. When I moved to Micro.blog, I decided to re-post photos and artwork previously shared on other social networks—repurposing the content made sense. I was joining a new community. But posting old content wasn't rewarding. I'm proud of my previous...

What's Working Well?

In our pursuit of self-improvement, it's easy to focus on what's not working. We are bombarded with messages to eat better, lose weight, get fit, be more productive, and optimize everything. While the desire for growth is good, being obsessed with self-improvement can have negative consequences. It causes us to dwell on everything "wrong" in our lives. Rather than focusing solely on what's broken, it's essential to acknowledge what's working well.  What if we decided to maximize our strengths instead of obsessing over our weaknesses? Can you name areas of your life that are going well?  We must appreciate the...

Physical Books

Last year, I read most of my books with a Kindle Paperwhite. This year, I'm choosing paper books instead. There is something special about holding a physical book that an e-reader cannot replicate.Fortunately, a bookstore in my area sells used books at reasonable prices. I purchased two books on my reading list, Switch by Chip Heath & Dan Heath and The One Thing by Gary Keller, for just $6 each. That's a deal. It's even cheaper than the Kindle version.I still love my Kindle and will use it occasionally, but paper books will always be my first choice.